Lucy Makes Breakfast!

So as you guys know, the girls and I have been working our way through The Disney Princess Cookbook! (The Sea Foam Smoothie was a hit last night) This morning Lucy wanted to make us all breakfast and she decided to make Frying-Pan Eggs. She cracked the eggs (Layla wanted to help resulting in us having to Lysol the table and chair), whisked them (after I got her to stop calling it whiskers), put the bacon in the pan, and added it all together to make an delicious morning meal.



There is something to gratifying being in the kitchen with these two. Seeing them enthusiastic and interested in the process of cooking has been a rewarding experience as a mom. I hope one of them becomes a chef or baker!

I have a love/hate feeling when it comes to their growth. I love hearing them both read and comprehend but I also miss them being babies.

Next, we are going to try Mushu’s Moo Shu.

We are open to any other kid cookbook suggestions!!! Happy Sunday Funday, everyone!




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