Mastering the Art of French Cooking

I bought this book for 4 dollars at a used bookstore in Colorado Springs. Four dollars!! It’s still the best deal I’ve ever come across! Okay some of the recipes are outdated (I hope people aren’t still serving aspics because, yuck!) and some are super complicated but who doesn’t love Julia Child? I’ve made a leek soup, icing, and used the tips for a poached egg.

I decided to make the onion soup. It takes a lot of onions!

But it also takes wine and it’s always fun to cook with wine because you get to drink it no matter the time of day.

This soup was so good! It wasn’t Mimi’s Cafes French onion with all its cheesy-ness but it was still very tasty. Perfect for a chilly day. The girls loved it. It wasn’t filling for a main dish but most soups aren’t.

Now you most likely won’t be able to get this book at the price I got it at but I think it’s a staple for every kitchen. So go buy it, make some classic recipes, and feel like a real chef!

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