Nailed It!

Is anyone else obsessed with looking at the “Nailed It” pictures on Pintrest? It is seriously one of my favorite past times on my phone. Unfortunately, many of my meals and desserts could end up on that page! One time i made German Pancakes for breakfast and used a too small of baking dish. The result was hilariously caved in pancake up the sides. The Hubs couldn’t stop laughing and whispered “nailed it” through out the day.

In fact, The Hubs always laughs at the things I say while cooking.

Here are his top faves:

  1. “We didn’t have bacon but that’s OK it’s still going to taste good!”
  2. “Oops I read it as 3 cups not 1/3 cup”
  3. “I’ve got it!!” -this is what I said to him after he offered to remove a giant skillet of boiling water from the stove and then immediately spilled the water all over the kitchen.
  4. “Sorry dinner is going to be late, I had the back burner on instead of the front. My bad!”